Marie Kondo Has It Right – Junk Removal Near Me

Marie Kondo Has It Right - Junk Removal Near Me

Marie Kondo Has It Right – Junk Removal Near Me

Have you been wanting to get your life and home organized but couldn’t find the motivation? Start watching the hit Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Talk about getting the motivation to get organized! Watching this show makes most want to immediately grab a box of trash bags and start emptying out drawers and closets. In addition to providing you with motivation, Marie Kondo gives you a decluttering step by step plan and provides applicable advice to tackle the large task of tidying up your space.

A few key points Marie talks about that we find extremely important are:

  • Only keep what sparks joy
  • Don’t let nostalgia cloud your judgment
  • Get rid of paperwork

Just following these three points alone will help you get far while cleaning and organizing your home.

When keeping only what sparks joy, you create space in your home and get rid of unnecessary objects. Marie says, “When decluttering, we are making space both physically and mentally. People need space to live, whether it is in their physical environment or in their mental state. When there is no space, we feel suffocated and lose sight of what environment we find comfortable, or what space we want to live in.” Having space is important. Start looking at objects individually and see if they spark joy in you. If not, maybe it’s time for them to go.

When it comes to nostalgia, Marie suggests focusing on what you want to keep and not on what you want to get rid of. Sort through old photographs and items with your family to see what is most important.

If an item no longer sparks joy, but it has a sentimental attachment connected to it, you should always bid it farewell in a way that respects what it has meant to you or someone in your family in the past. Marie says to thank it for its time with you or your loved ones and then to let it go.

When discussing the topic of getting rid of the paperwork, Marie points out that this is the digital age and almost everything can be found online these days. She couldn’t be more correct. We are going home to toss out our filing cabinet today!

Why are we still buying filing cabinets? Why do we have mounds of paperwork to “file”? Why are there multiple aisles at Home Depot just for more ways to store things we don’t really need? Take a hard look at your home and belongings while organizing. What could you get rid of and not miss at all? Probably around a third of our belongings could easily go.

Lastly, when Marie lays out the steps for getting organized, she doesn’t mention the final action item – hauling junk away in Springfield Missouri. This step will be the easiest part of the whole process. Call Dog Gone Junk and let us come load and haul all your unwanted items away for you. You’ll even get a much better deal since most of the stuff you need to be hauled away will already be bagged up and ready to go.

Just watch one episode, and you’ll be motivated to declutter and find a company online that does junk removal near me. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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