Demolition Services – Demolition Springfield MO

Demolition Services - Demolition Springfield MO

Demolition Services

Ready to remodel your kitchen, bathroom or basement? Everyone loves the look of the finished product, but the process of doing all the demolition work and hauling away the existing construction debris can be a dirty and sweaty process.

Don't put off these tasks because you're dreading ripping everything out yourself, paying for a dumpster to sit in your driveway for a week, or figuring out a way to haul off the old bathroom cabinets, the sink, toilet, shower insert, sheetrock, flooring, and more.

Dog Gone Junk can handle all of the tear out work and demolition in Springfield Missouri for your next remodeling project and haul away all of the trash and other construction materials. For most jobs, we're usually able to get a project completed, cleaned up and ready for construction within a day or two.

Our Dog Gone Junk employees are already trained on how to do demolition and cleanup work from their experience with Dog Gone Mold’s remediation crew. We are experienced in doing demolition work safely and efficiently. We can take your old bathroom, kitchen or basement down to the studs and haul off all of the trash, cabinets and sheetrock within a day or two. We will remove everything and leave it clean and ready to be remodeled.

We can even recommend a number of renovation companies that have done great work for our Dog Gone Mold customers that can give you estimates on putting your new room back together.

We can also remove your old carpet and other kinds of flooring before you have your new carpet or new floors installed. Why pay a renovator or flooring company to rip out the old flooring and order a dumpster to sit in your driveway? Save yourself the money and the annoyance of that dumpster and have Dog Gone Junk remove and haul off your old carpets and flooring. Your floor installer can be scheduled the very next day to get your new flooring put in, saving you time and money.

Trust Dog Gone Junk with all your demo work and construction debris hauling needs.

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