Steps in Cleaning Out a Hoarder House – Junk Removal Near Me

Steps in Cleaning Out a Hoarder House - Junk Removal Near Me

Hoarding is a common problem and can be difficult to treat. Generally, hoarding takes place because someone has difficulty discarding or parting ways with their possessions. The difference between hoarding and collecting, or holding on to items too long, is the mass quantity of the collected items. Commonly hoarded items include newspapers, magazines, paper, photographs, food, clothing, and much more.

Hoarding can begin for someone who has a compulsive buying problem, or someone who perceives value in items that others may not see. The thought of throwing away or discarding their items can cause severe anxiety. This is because of the perceived use of those items, often caused by the fear of running out of an item, or of needing that item in the future.

What may have started with the collection of a few items, quickly can get out of hand when it becomes harder to categorize or organize these new possessions. A few newspapers can quickly turn to hundreds, then thousands and all of sudden your kitchen is barely accessible.

So, what do you do if you’ve recently inherited a family member’s property and you find out they were hoarding? Or you had a tenant leave you with a mess of hoarded items?

The answer is simple. You search online for “junk removal near me” and you contact Dog Gone Junk.

You may want to look through the home and decide if there’s anything that you want to keep for yourself. It is up to you if you want to go through every item in every room, or just give a brief walk-through to see if there’s anything you may find valuable.

After that, you can call Dog Gone Junk. If the goal is to clean out the entire house and make sure everything is gone, that’s what we will do. If your goal is to just clean out one or two rooms of your choosing, we can do that also.

Once we arrive on the scene, you will have already gone through and decided what you, yourself wanted to keep and set it aside. Then, we will begin one room at a time discarding everything from the top to the bottom. We will separate items into two categories as we go. Items that can be donated and items that will be trashed.

This process could take hours, or it could take days, depending on the size of the home and the number of items being hoarded. After everything from the house has been removed, we will sweep or vacuum up the floor and it will be ready for you to do what you need to do with the home.

When Dog Gone Junk is done, you will no longer have a hoarding issue. All items will be hauled away and properly disposed of and you won’t need to lift a finger.

Don’t try and deal with this huge problem on your own. Call in the professionals and we will take care of all your waste removal in Springfield Missouri for you.

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