Ozone Treatment – Odor Eliminator Springfield MO

Ozone Treatment - Odor Eliminator Springfield MO

Ozone Treatment

Do you have some smells in the house that just won’t go away? One of the most aggravating things for homeowners and landlords alike is having a smell in a property that no amount of cleaning can make disappear. Smells can come from various places throughout the home and are not always easy to locate. Burning or frying food in the kitchen can leave a lasting smell in the home. Having pets inside the home can embed smells in the carpet, curtains, and furniture. Sometimes smell even clings to the walls and ceiling. Even our every day normal body odors can leave a lasting smell in the home over time. And we all know the biggest culprit of a smell in the home and that’s smoking inside.

Stop using over the counter fragrances to try and cover up those odors. That rarely works and even if it does, it’s only a temporary solution. Let Dog Gone Junk help take care of the problem with an Ozone Treatment. Our Ozone Treatments are a lasting odor eliminator in Springfield Missouri.

With the Ozone Treatment, we will set up a time with you, the homeowner, that the house will be free of people and pets for the afternoon. Then, we will set up our Ozone Generator inside the home and let it work its magic. This powerful method of odor elimination will leave your home smelling fresh and clean.

In the outdoors, UV light and O3 eliminates most odors. But inside your home, it receives very little O3 or UV light, so those odors can’t be broke down. The generator creates O3, (or ozone), and that ozone sanitizes by breaking down odors and other pollutants at their source, eliminating them.

This is a great service for all homeowners, but especially for you landlords out there. Don’t just have Dog Gone Junk haul away all of your old tenants left behind belongings. We can haul everything away and also haul that smell away with the Ozone Treatment.

Call Dog Gone Junk today for your free junk haul estimates, as well as for pricing for odor eliminator services.