Get Rid of Old Appliances – Appliance Pick Up in Springfield Missouri

Get Rid of Old Appliances - Appliance Pick Up in Springfield Missouri

“How do I get rid of this fridge that no longer works and I no longer need?”

We get questions like that all of the time. We’ve seen countless people try and figure out what to do to get rid of all kinds of old appliances that they no longer want, need, or use. Unfortunately, you can’t put those things out by the trash can once a week and it would cost you a lot of time and hassle to find a way to dispose of it yourself.

You’d have to find a trailer to use and possibly find a dolly and a ramp. Then you’d have to load up your old washer, dryer, or stove on that trailer. Strap it down (wait, do I have straps?). Then use your personal time, as well as gas money to drive it out to a transfer station or landfill. Once there, you get to unload it yourself and then pay them for unloading it there. Sound fun?

Save the time, save the hassle, save the money by having Dog Gone Junk haul away appliances for you. You heard that right, save money.

For most individual appliances, Dog Gone Junk only charges a small amount per piece. With the amount you would pay in gas and transfer station charges (not to mention the extra stress and the time you’d be wasting), you could have Dog Gone Junk do the loading, hauling, and unloading for you so you’d never have to leave the house.

Don’t let your old appliances become a hassle for you. Don’t just let them take up space in your house because you don’t know how to get rid of them. Don’t waste your time and money trying to deal with everything yourself. Let Dog Gone Junk handle your appliance pick up in Springfield Missouri.